How Do I Set Up Scheduling Templates in Administration?

In Administration, users can create Schedule Templates for the CSI 16 and 48 Division sets of cost codes.  Estimate Templates can be used as a baseline schedule template or create your own using custom tasks.

To set up the Schedule Template, Click Profile > Administration > Default templates > Schedule Template.

From here the Tour feature will guide you through the Schedule Template features.

Click Migrate to migrate existing templates if you had templates built in RedTeam Go’s previous scheduling module

Customize the appearance of the Gantt chart by clicking Manage Gantt Styles.

Click Create to build a new schedule template.

Give the template a name, choose a division set then choose to use an estimate template or not.

Click on the Name of the template to edit after it is created to edit the template.

To update the Name of the template hover over the name and click Edit Template name box to open the form. Edit the Name cell and click save.