How Do I Add Meetings?

You can Add Meetings two ways

1.) For the first meeting you will need to click on Meetings in left hand Navigation and click Add Meeting above the category filters

Enter Meeting Information:

  • Select from the Meeting Types. There are four default meeting types in RedTeam Go. (To add additional types to your Project go to Settings Gear>Add/Edit Meeting Types)
  • Select Date, Start Time, End Time and Location then Save

2.) If you already have existing meetings, it is much faster to create the next meeting from the Previous meeting’s details.

  • Click on the Meeting Category name to display the Category meeting list
  • Click on the Ellipses of the last meeting
  • Select Reuse for Next Meeting
  • This will create the next meeting with any open Discussion topics pulled forward into the next Agenda

Once a New meeting is created, click Ellipses and choose Edit to begin work.