How Does The Scheduling Integration Portion of The Daily Logs Work?

If Scheduling Integration is turned on, the Daily Logs will ask the progress of the ongoing tasks each workday. If there are new proposed dates that will affect the project timeline, these will be shown to the PM on the Schedule Variance page. Project Managers can Accept or Reject the proposed changes, or proactively manage the tasks to bring the schedule back into compliance.


  • Toggle the daily logs/schedule integration to on. 
  • Create a daily log for the day. Tasks that have already been In progress/completed will display on daily logs.  
  • Click date on daily log to propose changes, then save daily log, and submit to Project Manager.
  • A notice will be sent to the Project Manager to direct them to the Proposed Changes screen.


  • The Superintendent can update the progress of Scheduled tasks from the from the Daily Logs, using either the RedTeam Go Mobile App or Web Version.
  • Subcontractor awarded items them will appears in the Contractors Present Section
  • All other Items will Appear in the Schedule section
  • Select the Status of the Tasks; if you choose to Propose a new Completion Date, select the date from the calendar after selecting.


  • If the Superintended has Proposed new Dates of Completion, the Project Manager will be presented those Changes.
  • From Proposed Changes, click the yellow line to review proposed changes:

When PM goes to Proposed Changes screen from the Daily Log link, the page will open on Current Schedule.  There can be multiple Daily Logs listed and can be multiple proposed changes on each Log. Clicking on the date will automatically deliver the user to the first task in that grouping. Previously they had to click the task itself to move the frame. 

Click on the date with the suggested changes (Note: Changes not in the Critical Path will be highlighted with yellow and grey striped boxes, while tasks within the Critical Path will be highlighted in Red and White striped boxes).

  • Click Approve Selected to approve changes and adjust the project schedule.
  • Click Reject Selected to keep schedule as-is.
  • Select Notify Affected Contacts to send out automated updates to the subcontractors and team members to advise them of Task dates that have changed.

If the PM would like to discuss the change with the responsible party prior to Approving or Rejecting changes they can double-click the task to open the Details Modal and click Email Assigned.