How does the Job Cost Statement work with QuickBooks integration?

Use this post in conjunction with What is Shown on the Job Cost Statement?

Job Cost Statement (JCS) is the only report that is capable of using QuickBooks (QB) Push/Pull back of data via the RedTeam Go Accounting Integration. This means that as transactions are updated in QB, those values will pull back into the JCS. The benefit is real time Revenue and Cost data from Accounting Department will be directly communicated for the Project Manager to see.

NOTE: Project Managers may need to update RedTeam Go data to match these values communicated back from QuickBooks to keep the rest of their RedTeam Go values in step with the Accounting Department and the Job Cost Statement.


  1. Purchase Orders – If a discount for early payment to vendor is made on a PO in QB, the PM would need to create a credit PO transaction to keep the rest of the project Budget values in lockstep with Accounting data.
  2. Owner Billing – If an Owner refuses to pay a portion of a submitted Owner Pay Application, this would require the RedTeam Go Owner Bill to be unsigned and edited to match the expected Revenue from the Owner Payment.
  3. With the QB Accounting integration, it is possible that payments that are created in QB will duplicate an existing RedTeam Go Entry. (See the Section Below on how to Delete Duplicate entries.)

HINT: Payments made on the RedTeam Go entry that is Pushed/Pulled from QB will NOT create Duplicates!


The Primary difference with a QB integration is that much of the information needs to go to QB first and then pull back into RedTeam Go Job Cost Statement. This will cause a delay in the appearance of some items.

The following items will populate in directly from RedTeam Go:

  • Budget (Estimate)
  • Award Amounts to Subs (.S codes in Projected Cost column only)
  • Owner Change Orders (OCO)
  • Subcontractor Change Orders (SCO)

The following items must get a QB ID before they will appear on the JCS:

  • Owner Billing (Revenue Section on top of Report)
  • Subilling (in the Cost to Date column)
  • Timecards (OB Online only, QB Desktop does not offer Pull back capability)
  • Expenses

These will not show up as a Cost on JCS until Invoice is converted to a Bill QB:

  • Purchaser Orders (Traditional POs, under Commitments)
  • Field Purchase Orders (from Expenses Module)


Routine Delay – There is a delay of up to an hour for some transaction to appear on the JCS. This is due to a combination of the Push and Pull between QB and RedTeam Go and the information copying between databases for accuracy.

QB Connection Active? – Make sure your QB integration for QBD or Web Connector for QBO is turned on.

Check QB Integration Log – Go to Accounting >QuickBooks integration tab in RedTeam Go to see if there are errors or issues with the Transactions you are expecting.

Transactions Approved? Confirm that the Transactions are Approved/Accepted in RedTeam Go to initiate the send to QB.

Occasionally there will be corrections or modifications made to a project costs that are picked up by the hourly or 24 hour checks that are run to ensure all transactions and changes are captured.

HINTS on Specific Transactions:

Purchase Orders and Field Purchase Orders will not show up on the JCS Cost columns until a Bill is created in QB. (Use the option to upload Field POs as a Bill in QB Settings, and check the associated Box in Field PO before Acceptance to see these to populate on JCS when send to QB)

Subcontractor cost amounts will not show up on the JCS Cost To Date columns until Subills have been Approved/Accepted.

Labor Costs entered in RedTeam Go will not show up on the JCS if you do not have the Timecards Module turned on for your QBO Integration. While Timecards is the module most frequently turned off (due to other company Payroll methods) this is true of any Module not turned on, such as Purchase Orders or Expenses. While RedTeam Go transactions for Items will not be sent to QB if they are turned off, any transactions made in QB WILL pull back into the JCS. For more information on which QB Modules are currently active for your company, contact

NOTE: Labor Costs for QB Desktop users will be the RedTeam Go labor cost value from Timecards x Employee Rates locate in Accounting>Time Cards menu. Intuit does not provide a mechanism for the Pull Back of Labor cost information from QBD.


WARNING: Notes on Duplicate Transactions:

With the normal workflow, RedTeam Go transactions will pass to QB and any updates made to Payment Totals will display in the entry details on the far right. However, if a Payment Transaction is generated FROM QB and pulls into RedTeam Go, you will see both Transactions appear on the Job Cost Statement. In order to keep values in line, the PM will need to delete one of the duplicate entries.

  • Click on the Value in the Total Cost to Date column
  • Click the Red Trashcan next to the transaction you wish to Delete
  • Click on the Restore button to review deleted transactions
  • Select to Restore an item to the JCS report
  • Click Restore button next to the item you would like to return to JCS report.