How do I upload files to Drawings without Splitting, Scanning or Linking?

You can upload original and new versions/revised PDF files without splitting and scanning the files.

  • Go to Planroom>Drawing
  • Click +Upload and Select the option Upload File(s) without Splitting and Scanning

For Original On Upload screen enter:

  • Set Name (*required)
  • Attach files (*required)
  • Set Date (if no Date is entered it will default to the Upload date, but can be edited later on list screen view if not all sheets have the same Set Date.
  • Enter Version or Revision Name or Number (optional) – see below for details on uploading new versions.

Uploading New Versions/Revisions

To upload a new Versions or Revisions you will still click +Upload and Select Upload Files withou Splitting, Scanning or Linking

On the Upload screen select the Folder that contains the Plan Set from the Drop Down.

NOTE * You must select an existing the folder or the revision process will not be activated!

Complete the other cells on form and click Upload Only button to begin file matching.

The new Version/Revision matching form will open.

  • Click and Drag new Version files from right column over to list on left.
  • Position the file directly beneath the file to replace.
  • These can be repositioned as needed
  • Any files that are not associated with existing files (left on right hand side) will be added as new files/sheets in the existing Drawing Set folder.
  • Click Done to commit to the Drawing Set

The option to Notify project contacts about the new Versions/Revisions will appear.

Click Notify so send selected Project contacts the email about revised documents.